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A sustainable coffee experience from around the neighborhood.


Sol Coffee is a sustainable coffee brand based in Bengaluru. They offer an authentic coffee experience to eco-conscious locals and tourists in the city through their café and store.

An opportunity to make sustainability a natural part of the daily ritual.

As a rapidly growing city, Bengaluru has an abundance of coffee-enthusiasts who appreciate high-quality specialty coffee.

Locally-sourced coffee can bridge the gap between consumers and the cause, by creating a community-like experience.

Coffee is a daily ritual in both personal and social settings. What if helping the planet could be a part of the same routine?

Creating a modern and welcoming identity that leads up to a larger mission.

Modern consumers are always curious about what they can do for greater causes. They’re also eager to enjoy good coffee. We used this common ground to create an identity that resonates with them and also communicates the brand’s purpose.

Sol Coffee is premium, welcoming, and focused on the community. The visual elements create a modern and elegant look and feel across the branding and packaging. The brand’s social media feed encourages followers to come visit the café and store to enjoy sustainable coffee products.

A Premium Coffee Experience

Sustainability feels natural

Embracing the community

Passionate coffee-drinkers are always looking for new places and products. The brand serves this need by offering a premium coffee experience.

Most consumers drink coffee every day. By telling them about the brand’s purpose and practices, we help them make conscious choices as a natural part of their daily ritual.

The brand identity aims to create a community that enjoys the specialty coffee experience and embraces the values and purpose that the brand associates with.

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