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Creating a premium positioning for a Photography business.


Shantnu is a Fashion photographer and cinematographer. He collaborates with stylists, designers, brands, and artists in the industry to visualize and capture their work and projects.

Not just a service, but a Creative Decision-maker.

Photography is seen as the last step in a project. As a result, the photographer often has to work in a rushed and disconnected setting.

Working with the artist or designer earlier in the decision-making stage will ensure that the final results are aligned with the original vision.

A collaborative approach with the client where both parties are equal partners creates a healthy work environment and space for growth.

Positioning the business as a Premium Creative Service.

After studying the brand's competitors and target audience, we concluded that businesses trust other businesses. We positioned Shantanu's brand as a partner that works with creatives to bring their vision to life.

The existing brand identity was given a revamp to include assets that make the business feel more premium and professional. We then created a Portfolio Website to showcase his personal and professional projects, communicate his vision and purpose, and allow potential clients get in touch for his services.

Clear Positioning for the Brand

Crafting the Brand’s Story

Promoting Creative Partnership

The brand has a premium look and feel that is implemented across social media, website and print collaterals. This positions him as a professional in the industry.

The brand’s background, purpose and values resonate with other creatives looking to work with professionals who have similar values.

The brand presents itself as a reliable partner that helps creatives conceptualize and bring their work to life, rather than just a service-provider.

Got a project in mind?

Let’s talk about how we can build something remarkable together.

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