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Creating a seamless website experience for Holistic Wellness Coaching


Metanoia Wellness helps individuals learn to manage their well-being through personalized coaching and guidance. The brand prioritizes holistic growth by addressing the different aspects of wellness.

There is a need for personalized wellness solutions.

Busy adults struggle to make time or find the right resources to learn and take care of their own health and well-being.

The existing wellness market is focused solely on physical health and neglects other aspects like spiritual health and emotional well-being.

Even with credible sources of knowledge, people look for personalized guidance that helps them adapt wellness into their way of life.

Taking a holistic approach to well-being with expertise.

The brand identity of Metanoia Wellness is built around it’s 3 key values: Leading with Expertise, providing Holistic Knowledge, and Empowering for Growth. It is aimed at the core desire of its audience - To learn to take care their wellbeing while balancing a busy life.

The visual identity is built on the brand’s promise of lasting growth and transformation to its audience. To reflect this, the brand elements work together to create an earthy, organic, aspirational and empowering look and feel. This helps Metanoia Wellness position itself as a professional and trustworthy name in the wellness coaching industry.

The brand resonates emotionally

Professionalism and trust

Promises a holistic transformation

The brand presents itself as a professional expert that can be trusted for personalized guidance. This helps address its audience’s need for a credible and reliable source.

By showcasing experience in it’s communication and helping customers visualize their aspirations, the brand establishes itself as a trustworthy service.

The brand’s identity is built on it’s promise - Transformation and growth through a holistic approach. This also addresses the lack of comprehensive wellness options in the market.

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