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Making skincare easy and convenient for busy individuals.


CHEEKY is a skincare brand for young adults living in modern cities. The brand wants to make self-care a priority for working individuals, even with the busiest of schedules.

With the demands of an urban lifestyle, self-care takes a back seat.

Urban living conditions means exposure to changing weather conditions, harsh sun, and pollution.

Modern skincare products have complex ingredients and offer similar benefits. This creates confusion in choosing the right one.

Busy individuals don’t have the time to learn and implement a 12-step skincare routine every day.

A skincare range that is easy, convenient, and fits with an on-the-go lifestyle.

Building on the concept of on-the-go self-care, we designed CHEEKY’s brand identity to help busy buyers understand and easily create a step-by-step skincare regimen where each product fulfils one need.

The brand identity is fun, vibrant, and active. The product packaging has a single color-scheme dedicated to every product, so that it is easy to spot and conveniently fits in a bag or on a shelf. Fluid shapes, smiling faces, and photos of the products in use make skincare seem like a fun part of your daily routine.

A convenient system

Self-care becomes fun

Confidence and peace of mind

With color-coded products that are transparent about ingredients and benefits, selecting the right products has become easy, instead of tedious and time consuming.

CHEEKY’s product range is designed as an on-the-go solution that easily fits into your lifestyle. This makes a step-by-step routine feel like a fun part of the day.

Modern lifestyle is stressful and it shows when your skin has been neglected. With a convenient routine, users can rest assured they are doing the best for their skin.

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