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Creating a distinctive presence for a fashion business.


Vedika Gupta is the Founder of ARTE ROPA, a fashion label that provides design, styling, and consultation services to influential fashion brands and designers.

Fashion as a way of self-expression.

The fashion industry follows a monotonous process, with limited collaboration between artists, designers, and stylist.

Larger fashion brands often rely on safe, mass-produced designs that lack originality and promote a cookie-cutter approach.

Customers have to learn and practice DIY styling as the limited clothing options do not allow for personal expression and style.

A creative space that brings together art and fashion.

We positioned ARTE ROPA as a reliable expert that fashion brands can trust and collaborate with for their own products. Deep hues, custom illustrations, and modern gradients are used to capture the brand’s origin in art and originality.

The visual identity of Arte Ropa is bold, premium, and carries a sense of authority that sets it apart from other service-providers in the fashion industry. The brand’s website makes it easy to showcase their philosophy and portfolio of work, and allows potential clients to get in touch for services.

Leading with Authority

Creative Collaboration

Bringing Originality to the process

A strong brand image built on the Founder’s personal values builds recognition and positions ARTE ROPA as an expert in the fashion industry.

The website organizes the brand’s portfolio, ideas, and services in one place, so potential collaborators can find and get in touch easily.

With an identity built on original design concepts and unconventional thinking, ARTE ROPA encourages fashion brands to push their creative boundaries.

Got a project in mind?

Let’s talk about how we can build something remarkable together.

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