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Celebrating modern love stories through sustainable intimate wear


L' amour is an intimate wear brand that follows sustainable practices. The brand wants to create a culture of inclusivity and openness by creating products for lovers of all kinds.

Traditional intimate wear overlooks themes relevant to the present.

As a society, we shy away from talking about intimacy, creating a culture of shame and secrecy around something that is natural.

Traditional intimate wear is solely focused on a binary approach. This leaves a significant part of the market unrepresented.

The apparel industry generates 15 million tons of textile waste each year. The intimate wear market in particular lacks sustainable options.

A sustainability-focused approach that celebrates all kinds of love.

After noticing a gap in the market for open conversations and ethical practices, we designed a brand identity that encourages customers to celebrate their love and togetherness by doing good for the planet, together.

L' Amour feels romantic and indulgent. A bold color palette and botanical illustrations create a look and feel that is typically associated with love, while keeping the brand’s eco-friendly approach at the forefront.
This instills feelings of comfort, confidence, and closeness in the people who wear these products.

Distinctive values

Empowerment and Self-expression

Initiating important conversations

L’ amour stands out from competitors with a unique positioning that highlights its commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and openness.

In a world that is shifting towards openness, L’ amour’s inclusive approach fosters self-confidence, validation, and emotional connection among its customers.

By building a positive narrative around intimacy, the brand creates a safe space to have conversations about identity and inclusivity in the present day.

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