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What makes your business different from all others in the market?

While top-notch products and services will always be on the list, who you are and what you are working towards, matters. When your visual identity reflects your brand’s personality and values in every interaction, it creates a sense of familiarity and trust in your audience. So when they decide to engage with your brand as customers, they feel like they are part of something bigger.

People, Brand Design, Brand Identity
People, Brand Design, Brand Identity

Make your business stand out with a unique identity.

A brand identity that your audience feels connected to. As humans, with humans.

What brings us together as humans of different groups are the things that we believe in and the goals that we want to achieve. And in the business of serving humans (That’s you, brand-owner!), it is important to make these shared dreams and beliefs a part of your identity. 

This is what we love to do. 

People, Brand Design, Brand Identity


Studio Kukumbar, Brand Design Studio, Kukumbar, Brand Identity Design, Packaging Design

A brand design studio that works with visionary entrepreneurs and passionate businesses around the world. 

We build strategic brand identities that help brands form connections through shared values and memorable interactions.

Everything started with a simple question:

“How can we make good design accessible to everyone, everywhere?”

In 2020, the world was hit by the first wave of uncertainty and we learned that bonds are made when we share. Our belongings, our thoughts, and our aspirations.

What if the world was a place where we could talk openly about the things we believe in and things we want to achieve? What if every interaction was a meaningful experience that created strong relationships every day?

This is what we want to create. 

KUKUMBAR is a place for dreamers, believers, and change-makers who want to add meaning to everyday experiences. Together, we build creative identities for brands that put their humans first.


Aakansha Raj

Co-Founder & Designer

Abhinav Nandan

Co-Founder & Designer

Aakansha Raj, Studio Kukumbar
Abhinav Nandan, Studio Kukumbar
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Let’s start conversations. Let’s build connections.

Let’s turn your biz into a brand that inspires.

Got a project you’d like for us to work on?

We love working together with new and old brand to find their footing in the market with an identity that reflects their values. 

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